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Education: Lakewood Public Schools


Lakewood Public Schools has 6 schools covering a large geographic district. Each school used a different brand of control system; with dedicated access only available from that school’s location. HVAC service requests required staff to drive from school to school to make even minor adjustments or changes. Room comfort conditions required a site visit to assess or confirm. Hundreds of man-hours of labor were lost each year driving from school to school.


  • arrow Reduce travel time of LPS maintenance staff
  • arrow Combine all LPS control systems under one umbrella system
  • arrow Present all LPS HVAC information in a common, standardized format
  • arrow Provide LPS remote access to this information from any location
  • arrow Relay HVAC alarms from all schools to LPS staff via cell, email or pager
  • arrow Improve LPS staff response time to requests
  • arrow Provide HVAC status without specialized software or equipment
  • arrow Provide LPS trending of all pertinent HVAC data
  • arrow Provide LPS uniform operational scheduling of HVAC equipment
  • arrow Provide an expandable platform to integrate future equipment (lighting, security, irrigation, etc) into system


Tridium Ax Niagara Framework Integration by Temperature Control, Inc

Now LPS staff can respond to service requests with a mouse click from any location. They can verify run status, space temperature, valve positions and many other conditions remotely before needing to dispatch a technician for service. Large spaces like auditoriums can be pre-scheduled to warm up or cool down based on actual need and usage.