HVAC ReplacementHVAC Replacement
HVAC Replacement Service

Let’s face it: Nothing lasts forever. The day will come when you will need to replace some of your HVAC equipment. Why not call in the experts? We understand your equipment from the gas meter to the diffuser grill; from the electric meter to the internal starter in a chiller unit; from the thermostat to the boiler room. And, we understand all the control logic that ties it all together. When it’s time to replace your equipment, think: Temperature Control, Inc.


Quality HVAC equipment can last for many years or even decades. Over time, new technologies come along that can extend the usefulness of your existing plant equipment. Temperature Control, Inc. offers repair, rebuilding and upgrading of in-place equipment to extend the return on investment of your HVAC equipment.

Preventative Maintenance

It’s so basic... that it often gets forgotten.

Not with Temperature Control, Inc. We provide inspection service, full preventative maintenance service or, if you prefer we can serve as an adjunct service provider to assist with your current staff when workloads demand assistance. Either way, you can count on Temperature Control to serve all your HVAC needs.