Tridium: Web Integration

The Tridium Niagara Framework® allows users to connect different types of HVAC/R, electrical, security, access, irrigation, energy management and enterprise systems to a single system that "normalizes" all the various communications protocols into a simple graphical information system. Further, all this information can be accessed securely via a standard web browser.

Temperature Control, Inc. is an authorized Tridium Vykon System Integrator (VSI). Tridium’s Niagara Framework™ is the leading technology that allows many different complex control systems to be presented as easy to understand graphical web pages. Secure login and password protection is standard.

Simply point and click your way to the information you need to control temperature, schedules, trends, activity and access. Full reporting is available to monitor utility consumption too. Service alarms can be sent to email, pagers and cell phones.

Intelligent Building

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Niagara Framework

A skeletal support for something being constructed. Niagara Framework: a software framework to manage diverse control systems, regardless of protocol or manufacturer.